Driver whose vehicle struck police cars is arrested on suspicion of drunk driving

A Huntington Beach woman driving backward on Harbor Boulevard struck two police cars before being arrested under the suspicion of drunk driving, a Costa Mesa police officer said.

Marisela Lucero, 43, was spotted in the 2000 block of Harbor Boulevard at about 12:50 p.m. Saturday in a black Toyota Sequoia. She was driving in reverse in the northbound lanes, headed toward the intersection at 19th Street, Costa Mesa Sgt. Brent McKinley said.

Multiple unsuccessful attempts were made by responding officers to get Lucero to pull over. As she approached the intersection at 19th, an officer attempted to block her vehicle with his own. Lucero went around the police unit, but then got out of the Toyota.

Her car remained running in reverse and collided with a second police car.

Lucero was arrested by officers on the suspicion of drinking and driving. Prescription medicine may have also been taken by Lucero, McKinley said.

— Sarah Peters

Twitter: @speters01