Which superhero would you be?

The Coastline Pilot went to the Laguna Club for Kids and asked:

‘If you were a superhero, who would you be and what would you do?’

“I would be a butterfly ballerina and I would dance and spin

around in my pink leotard and purple skirt.”


Madison Mines, 6

“I would be Superman and fight crime and fight the bad guys by

punching them in the face.”

Cruz Munoz, 5


“I would be Super Gin and protect the planet from Spawn using my

heat vision.”

AJ Kennedy, 12

“I would be Spawn and I would have my own super army. My favorite

power would be my ability to transform my appearance.”

Jacob Peck, 12

“I would be a space ranger and I would attack bad guys.”

Alex Geller, 5


-- Interviews and photos by Heather Struck