Not just an archive


Sure, we have books! But we have so much more -- including a

belief in the importance of community service. That is why during

August your library is supporting “Project Backpack” a program


sponsored locally by the North Laguna Chapter of the MOMS club (Moms

Offering Moms Support).

MOMS, an international, nonprofit organization with more than

1,300 chapters, is comprised of stay-at-home moms who realize the


importance of being very involved in their children’s lives as well

as in community projects, especially those benefiting young people.

Earlier this year, the Laguna chapter raised $1,800 for our village’s

Even Start, a program for preschoolers at the Boys and Girls Club in

the Canyon. This year is the third year MOMS North has participated

in “Project Backpack,” in cooperation with the Orange County Rescue

Mission. Last year the club collected 50 backpacks that were given to

the neediest of the county’s young students and this year the goal is



The library is again pleased to be our community’s collection

center for this worthy project. In addition to full-size backpacks,

school supplies are also needed, such as notebooks, crayons, pencils,

erasers and non-permanent markers and even a note of encouragement!

Knowing that someone who has never met them cares enough to share an

encouraging thought or has taken the time to wish them well in the

school year can be very meaningful to a child. Please consider


starting the “giving season” early this year by stopping by the

library before Aug. 31 and donating a backpack and school supplies to

a needy student.

* MARIANNA HOF is the Laguna Beach branch librarian.