Rep. Cox flew the coop on El...

Rep. Cox flew the coop on El Toro

As far as I'm concerned, Rep. Chris Cox has no legacy to speak of.

He opted out of any political contest that appeared to be a struggle,

and he did not go to bat for an airport at El Toro.

I feel he abandoned Newport Beach by not using any influence he

could muster to fight for that airport and caved in to Irvine by

letting those in favor of the so-called Great Park have their way.

Thus a great facility was wasted, and now John Wayne Airport is

overcrowded and will continue to be in the years ahead, as the

population keeps growing, and the need for another airport grows ever

more urgent.

I feel Cox should have gone to the governor to use his influence

to insist that El Toro be built into a great international airport.

The land was there, with a wide buffer zone, and the necessity is

still definitely there.


Costa Mesa

Failure to support airport is Cox's legacy

Rep. Chris Cox's legacy is the fact that he failed to support El

Toro airport, when he should have been supporting that for the people

of the district. He is a failure.


Newport Beach

Marinapark best as passive bay-front site

The best use of Marinapark is a passive park that increases access

to the bay front for all of the public and highlights the unique role

of the bay in Newport Beach -- as an ecosystem and as a water-use


Marinapark is uniquely situated to expand bay-front access to the

general public. Too much bay frontage has already been converted into

development for either public or private uses, and we need to take

this opportunity to expand the "window on the bay" with a park which

all -- not just a few -- can access and enjoy.

Therefore, I disagree with Steve Smith's suggestion to use

Marinapark for soccer fields ("On the town," Wednesday). In the big

picture, soccer fields can be put in a variety of locations; the bay

view and bay access can be provided only on the bay.

As a dominant use, soccer fields would discourage people

visitoring the area for the simple pleasure of enjoying the beach.

Second, there would be increased car trips for the single purpose of

delivering players to the soccer fields. Third, soccer fields require

extensive watering and possible use of pesticides to maintain turf.

Placing this use near the bay would require extensive monitoring to

reduce runoff. Finally, it appears to me that Newport Beach has

enough soccer fields, with the addition of Bonita Sports Park and use

of school soccer fields. This is an observation; any data on how

Newport Beach's ratio of soccer-field space per player compares to

other cities would, of course, be helpful.


Newport Beach

Smith hits all the right points

I wanted to compliment Steve Smith and the Pilot on printing such

a positive spin on issues that have been such troublesome

consternation for the populace of our city and for all of Newport

Beach ("On the town," Saturday).

All of them -- Marina Park, Triangle Square, St. Andrew's Church

and the need for soccer fields -- are important issues for different

people, and it is refreshing to have him point out that our system is

a good one, and we all need to be patient in walking through the


Again, thank you very much, and compliments to Steve Smith.



Homeless have it worse than elephants

When I saw the elephants at the Orange County Fair, it appeared

they had it pretty darn good. They are fed regularly, washed and

cleaned, praised and loved by those around them, are not in the face

of danger and have a home to go to on a daily basis. They are

employed and have to work only an hour at a time.

Last year, it was reported that there were approximately 35,000

homeless people in Orange County. Unfortunately, the majority of them

do not enjoy such luxury as the elephants do.

While I understand and respect our First Amendment rights, it is

hard for me to comprehend the priorities of a group like the Orange

County People for Animals. How can you devote your energy to animals

that are obviously well taken care of, when there are humans in the

streets of Orange County undergoing far greater hardships than any

animal at the fair?

Yes, the elephants indeed have it pretty darn good.


Costa Mesa

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