Let's show spirit next Fourth of July

Bonnie Scott

I am so sorry to hear that our two large hotels and the downtown

merchants did nothing to help our wonderful Fourth of July parade.

However, due to the efforts of the great parade committee headed by

Mary Ellen Cianciabella, it was a beautiful parade.

We try to support the downtown merchants and encourage friends to

stay at our beach hotels. I really do believe that it takes the

full-time residents of any town to make it all work. It just seems

like all I hear from the merchants is "boo-hoo."

Well, after their lack of support, we think we will just give them

a year off of our support. If everyone who read your article did

that, then maybe they would think twice about not supporting

something that brings them a lot of money every year.

We have been watching the parade for 30 years and really enjoy the

hometown spirit. Come on merchants -- let's show your spirit.

* Bonnie Scott is a Huntington Beach resident. To contribute to

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