Radical science comes to city's library

Rachel Gross

Science can be magic.

On July 20, scientist Rudy Gonzales put on a show called Rudy's

Radical Science at the Huntington Beach Public Library. About 50

children and their parents watched Gonzales perform magic tricks

related to science. Throughout the show, the children watched

intently and became fascinated with the field of science.

All of the tricks Gonzales performed were different from one

another, but all involved science in some way. He started the show by

putting an egg into a glass jar by lighting a piece of paper on fire.

Gonzales kept the kids interested by relating science to the real

world. He explained how a sneaker was made; how candles, crayons and

lipstick are made of wax; and how liquid nitrogen is used to make

McDonald's hamburgers. He also showed them how liquid nitrogen works

by freezing a banana.

Many of his other tricks involved changing the color of water. He

showed the children how to make neon necklaces and turned off the

lights in the room to show off his work.

Gonzales ended his performance by making ice cream, which seemed

to be the highlight of the show for a number of the children.

Gonzales said he likes how science can be both fun and serious.

"I want to spark an interest in science, making it fascinating and

giving out facts," Gonzales said. "I want kids to realize that

science is in everyday life so it becomes closer to them, and they

can relate it to their own lives."

Gonzales, a chemist who works at a nanotechnology lab in Anaheim,

puts on shows throughout the year, and does about four a week during

the summer months. He also does many birthday parties.

"I like making ice cream," he said. "It is fun to see enthusiasm

and excitement in the kids' faces."

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