Bullock stalker put on notice

The “protection of her family” her main concern, actor Sandra Bullock filed a three-year restraining order against a Huntington Beach woman as one of a number of security measures used by famous people who find themselves on the receiving end of unusual behavior demonstrated by a fan, her attorney Edwin McPherson said this week. “You do the best you can to protect the client in whatever way you can,” McPherson said.

People in the limelight will also seek assistance from local authorities and beef up private security.

Bullock’s restraining order, filed May 11, names defendant Marcia Diana Valentine, 45, and sites “several” trespassing incidents, including throwing objects over the gate of the family’s Sunset Beach home. Valentine also was arrested and charged with assault for allegedly trying to run over Bullock’s husband, Jesse James, with her Mercedes Benz. James, star of TV’s “Monster Garage” and chief executive of West Coast Choppers, was not hurt.

The order on file requires Valentine to stay 500 yards away from Bullock and her family at their home, school, work and at temporary residences during times of filming.

If Valentine breaks the restraining order, McPherson said he will have to enforce it.

As of Monday, no legal representative for Valentine had contacted McPherson, he said, and none had contacted the court.

McPherson said he has represented “quite a few” similar cases, and that men more often than women exhibit unusual behavior but not as “overt” as trying to run over a husband.

Valentine is free on $20,000 bail. She is scheduled to appear May 22 to enter a plea to the assault charges.