City trash rates to increase

The City Council approved on Tuesday an extension of its contract with Waste Management of Orange County.

Under the new contract, residential collection rates will be increased by 9% and commercial rates will go up 12%. Opposition was minimal.

“When I see the drivers struggling with our streets, I am surprised they don’t charge us more than they do,” resident Dave Connell said.

However, he opposed the increase as excessive — above the cost of living increase.


“I hate to see it above the median, but it’s only a few pennies,” Public Works Director Steve May said.

And that could change, depending on the terms of contracts other cities negotiate.

Increases for Laguna’s residential customers will affect properties with one-to-five units per parcel.

Charges for a single-family residence will increase from $170.20 to $185.52 a year. The duplex rate will go from $264.01 to $287.77; a triplex from $350.78 to $382,35. The rate for a fourplex will go up to $480.69 from the current $441 and the rate for a fiveplex will increase to $570.56 from $523.45.


Proposed rates would remain in effect for two years and would become effective on July 1. Fees are collected with property taxes.

Three annual increases are proposed for commercial and commercial-residential customers — complexes with six or more units:

  • A 12% increase for all bin and commercial can services for each service level, effective July 1
  • A 10% increase for each level, effective July 1, 2008
  • Rates adjusted annually thereafter by 90% of the change in the Orange, Los Angeles and Riverside counties Consumer Price Index, with a 5% cap
  • Commercial and commercial-residential customers are billed monthly by Waste Management.