Fees raised for toilets

Art festival goers will have a more comfortable restroom option at the Act V Parking lot than portable toilets — but will pay more for the privilege.

The lot is now equipped with an executive restroom trailer that houses three individual washrooms, one of which is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act standards. The facilities also have running water.

Assistant City Manager John Pietig said the Festival Coordinating Committee, which consists of representatives from the Festival of Arts, Art-A-Fair, the Sawdust Festival and the City Council, suggested portable toilets be used in the lot to keep costs low.

The Council decided against the proposal and went ahead with “executive” restrooms. They raised the parking fee from $5 to $7 to help pay for the facilities, Pietig said.


The City Manager’s office decided to buy an executive restroom trailer to use for the lot.

The unit cost $40,000.

Pietig said the restrooms will move to Heisler Park in the fall where they will be used during the park’s restoration. From there the unit will fill in for the restrooms on the north end of Main Beach while Lifeguard Headquarters are being refurbished.

The purchase will be cheaper for the city in the long run than renting units all over again, Pietig said.