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SURFING SOAPBOX:Ban locals from bar?

If it’s a great view you’re looking for, the ultimate in Laguna Beach views can be captured on top of the Casa del Camino hotel and is cleverly titled the Roof Top bar.

The Roof Top, as it has become known, has quickly become a local favorite around town, and among visitors alike.

I would be shocked if our city restricted using the Roof Top bar to hotel guests only.

Can you imagine being barred from the premises of an establishment because you are a Laguna Beach resident?


Now that would go down as one of the biggest travesties in Laguna Beach’s history and be even more evidence that our city council is out to cater to tourism and continue to turn its back on residents.

I was able to experience the Roof Top first hand on a beautiful night this past Saturday as my date was simply captivated by its charm and view. After the sun and all of it’s colors faded away into a starlit sky, my date and I headed down stairs to K’ya, which is the hotel’s restaurant located on the main floor.

We wined and dined on small plates, my favorite being the lamb chops and ahi poke, which is, well, the best in town.

Not only does the La Casa del Camino hotel fit the need for those visiting Laguna Beach but it also fills the need of residents who truly love to experience what makes Laguna Beach so special and the Roof Top bar is just that "” special.



  • JAMES PRIBRAM is a Laguna Beach native, professional surfer and founder of the Aloha School of Surfing. He can be reached at