Escaped murderer captured

Laguna Beach police say residents can rest a bit easier: A convicted murderer who was arrested in Laguna in 1999 and escaped from an Indiana state prison has been captured, according to news reports.

Police had been alerted last week by a Laguna resident that Mark Booher, 46, serving an 85-year sentence on murder and robbery charges, had escaped the maximum security prison July 12.

The resident was fearful Booher might be on the way to Laguna to settle a score, according to police records.

“We’re pleased to put our citizens at ease by announcing this information,” Sgt. Jason Kravetz said. “While there was no immediate threat of Mr. Booher coming to Laguna Beach, we kept officers on alert in case he showed up.”


The crimes for which Booher was imprisoned were committed in Indiana in January 1999, and in March 1999 he was tracked by federal marshals to a home in Laguna Beach where he had been living, Kravetz said.

He fled the home, and police brought in bloodhounds and helicopters to assist in the search. He eluded capture and two days later was taken into custody in the Laguna home to which he had fled, Kravetz said.

Booher escaped the state prison with two other inmates through a network of underground tunnels.

He was the last one captured, at a hotel in Indianapolis.


Federal marshals arrested him about noon Thursday, after 11 days on the run, according to the news report.