Retailers warned about fake bills

Merchants in Laguna Beach are being warned to be on the lookout for counterfeit currency.

The Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce wrote a letter to all retailers with advice about how to spot phony bills.

The letter, signed by chamber executive director Rose Hancock, states:

“The Laguna Beach Police Department has issued an alert on counterfeit money. LBPD has had two reports in the last week of counterfeit bills trying to be passed. One was a $20, and the other was a $100. In the case of the $100 bill, the suspect grabbed it out of the clerk’s hand as they attempted to swipe it with their counterfeit detector pen.


“If someone suspects a counterfeit is being passed, ask if the patron will wait while you consult with a co-worker. Hold onto the note and let the patron know you suspect it may be counterfeit. Contact the Laguna Beach Police Departments’ business number at (949) 497-0701 ext. 1.

“If the suspect flees, get a good description and tell the police employee the mode of transportation (vehicle/on foot) and the direction of travel.”

Tips for merchant to identify genuine currency are:

 Hold note up to light to better see security thread and watermark


 Compare note to genuine note

 Place note under UV light

 Use a counterfeit pen

 Check special security features on bills: Red/blue fibers; Security thread (bills printed from 1990 on); Color shifting ink (bills printed from 1996 on); and Watermark portrait (on bills printed from 1996 on).