Laguna Beach Garden Club Presents “Gardening Green in Orange County” with Ron Vanderhoff

On Friday, November 13, the Laguna Beach Garden Club presents Horticulturist and Roger’s Gardens nursery manager Ron Vanderhoff. 

So what does “going green" really mean for gardeners here in Orange County? Gardening is changing...people want a fresh approach...a garden that is friendly to the environment, does not pollute and that conserves our natural resources.  Almost certainly this is a garden that reflects a sense of place, which “fits” its region - both in plants as well as in spirit. 

Mr. Vanderhoff’s presentation will start with a comprehensive look at local garden-related environmental and natural resource issues (water, pollution, green waste, invasive plants, etc). He will then share his strategies and actions that gardens can take to mitigate these issues (plant selection, irrigation techniques, composting,etc.), and will also provide visual examples of attractive local “green” gardens.

The club meeting will be held at the Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Ann’s Drive, Laguna Beach. The social gathering starts at 9:30AM, featuring the popular Plant & Garden “Boutique” for unique garden items at ‘dirt'-cheap prices. The Business meeting starts at 10:00AM, followed by Mr. Vanderhoff at 10:30AM.  The meeting is free one-time for guests.               


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