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Dorothy G. FitzSimons

Dorothy G. FitzSimons,

of Zell Drive in Laguna

Beach, died Friday, April

23 at age 98. She was


born in the London suburb

of Hammersmith on

September 16, 1911, the

daughter of Joseph John


Farmer, a Victoria Cross

recipient, and Minnie Driver. She was the middle

one of three sisters.

She survived the London Blitz of WWII

and also drove a London ambulance during that

period. An avid angler well into her later years,

she was a member of the Dana Point Lady Anglers.

She was also an amateur artist and cartoonist. She


modelled in clay and worked stained glass. She was

also well-known among local tennis players.

She was in charge of the Employment

Development Department office when it had a

branch in Laguna in the late 60s and early 70s. She

had lived in Laguna since 1963. She is survived by

two sons. No services are planned.