Group against 'Rule of Law'

Daily Pilot

Surrounded by police, and standing in front of Santa Ana's processing center for people who have recently been arrested, about 100 people on Thursday protested Arizona's recent immigration law and Costa Mesa's resolution declaring itself a "Rule of Law" city.

The group, which was not affiliated with any official organization, chanted against the Arizona law that requires police to check the papers of anyone they suspect may be in the county illegally and Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor's push to have police and local businesses increase immigration checks.

The group also called for Santa Ana to declare itself a sanctuary city for illegal immigrants.

The Costa Mesa City Council recently passed the resolution declaring itself a "Rule of Law" city — which has no clear effect on law or immigration enforcement — but whose symbolism has enraged much of the state's Latino community.

Eight of the protesters were arrested Thursday after refusing to cooperate with police direction to disperse. The group's members were chained to each other and lying on their backs on Santa Ana Boulevard in a circle. Their circle outlined a spray-painted canvas that read, "From Arizona to Costa Mesa racism and fear."

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