Man claims lack of lighting caused injury

A Palm Springs man has asked the city to pay for not maintaining street lights that would have prevented him from walking into a piece of construction equipment and cutting open his forehead, according to city records.

Keith Kramer, 51, filed a claim with the city July 6 asking for an unknown amount of more than $10,000 for negligently maintaining street lights on 11th Street.

City spokeswoman Laurie Payne said the city is investigating the claim and no action has been taken.

Kramer was trying to cross the street when he stepped off the curb and hit his forehead at 5:30 a.m. March 16, according to the claim. His forehead struck a horizontal beam used for construction suspended over the street about two feet from the curb, according to the claim.

The street lights in the area were not "activated" at the time, leaving Kramer unable to see the equipment, and there were no signs or barriers around it, according to the claim.

The incident left Kramer with a 2-inch cut on the right side of his forehead, headaches and impaired vision.

Britney Barnes

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