Abused puppy needs donations

COSTA MESA — A badly abused puppy found near death in a bush in Ventura is in need of extensive medical care, and his bills are adding up.

Angel Parisa rescued the 8-month-old puppy, Little Johnny, who was named after a U.S. soldier killed in Iraq.

When Little Johnny was first taken to a Ventura animal shelter last week, he was near death with exposed skin, half of his hair missing, bleeding sores and swollen feet.

Parisa has spent nearly $4,000 keeping him alive.

The dog is suffering from a variety of medical problems and is being treated at Mesa West Pet Hospital here.

Little Johnny is being kept in isolation and is in need of blood transfusions as well as other expensive treatments.

If you would like to help Little Johnny, visit mesawestpethospital.com.

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