Mailbag: Be cautious when adopting pets

Many women out there are claiming to find a safe and secure home for pets (mostly cats). They attach themselves to rescues that either don't exist or make false claims. They scan Craigslist for unsuspecting people in tough situations needing to relinquish their animals, as well as taking animals from veterinarians who have bought into their lies.

It seems unfathomable, but almost every bona fide rescue organization in Orange County knows these innocent animals are being ushered to their death. Many of us have given animals to these recipients, until we found out that they are being killed. They are very convincing as they have animals themselves. It is their sick way of controlling the cat population, which is in crisis, but to defraud people is unconscionable.

Only release your pets to legitimate rescue organizations that adopt out of endorsed establishments such as Petco, PetSmart, Passionate Pet and Russo's Pet Experience, and get a reference from People are so desperate in this financial crunch, they jump at any chance to relinquish their pet after being turned away by all the "real" rescue organizations due to overcapacity. That should have been their first clue. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Lynn Beasley

Huntington Beach

Fake, plastic trees are not so good

I read your Letters from the Editor column in the Dec. 8 Daily Pilot about real/fake Christmas trees. You mentioned in your letter that fake trees are "better for the environment". A recent study has shown that this is not true. This study, which can be read on the New York Times website, shows that "an artificial tree would have to be reused for more than 20 years to be greener than buying a fresh-cut tree annually."

Ron Madaras

Newport Beach

Parade gives less fortunate respite

Re. "Lobdell: Boat Parade is great — for everyone else" (Dec. 17): Maybe Bill has never had the chance to see the faces of the children and women from homes like Orangewood or Make a Wish that for 18 years until just recently have been given a chance to escape the horrible life that they have been given if only for a few hours aboard the Flyer to be part of this great American and Newport harbor tradition. Or when they got gifts that they would not have received at all while locked up hiding from abusive guardians.

Maybe Bill can write next about the Fire Department and how it is a waste of time and money for the Spark of Love Toy Drive. At a time like this we need more ways to escape the real world, if only for a few hours, and remember that a large population in the area receive income from the yachting community. Newport was, and is, a resort town. If you don't like it, the Inland Empire is ready for you to make your home there, or if 50 degrees is too cold for you, other places can be found. Sorry, but we need less negative and more positive from people like you.

Tparothd, via

Why not just allow others to celebrate with friends and share the goodness that is Newport Beach? Get over yourself!

Dave1767, via

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