Speed limits, rehab homes and building codes on Newport's agenda

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian is looking to finance a $35-million project, and to refinance about $85 million in bond debt, through city-sponsored interest-free bonds [pdf].

The Newport Beach City Council will vote on this and other items at its 7 p.m. meeting Tuesday. Here are a few more highlights from the agenda:

Some fast drivers won't face tickets if the council votes to approve new, mostly higher, speed limits [pdf] throughout the city. As the Daily Pilot reported in November, state law requires that the city survey how fast cars move around town and adjust the limits to better reflect their speeds.

An activist group has threatened to sue the city about how it approved the Morningside Recovery rehabilitation home agreement, according to a closed-session agenda item. City Atty. David Hunt said the group is called MORN, and its members claim the city violated state law. Newport Beach has spent about $2 million fighting rehab home lawsuits.

Homeowners in areas with high fire risk may have to follow new rules if the city approves a new building [pdf] and fire code [pdf]. Another change would require swimming pools to drain to the sanitary sewer, not the storm drain, because of the harmful effects of chlorinated water going into the bay.

The council will also vote on a new law that would require new bar and restaurant owners who serve alcohol, allow dancing or live entertainment — and want to stay open past 11 p.m. — to apply for a license with the Police Department. Read the Pilot story here.

Tuesday's meeting will be at the City Council Chambers at 3300 Newport Blvd.

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