International sales boost T3 Motion

COSTA MESA — T3 Motion announced new sales of its single-rider, stand-up electric vehicles to police and private security clients in Mexico and other countries.

Costa Mesa-based

T3 Motion will ship $309,000 in T3 ESVs over the next several months to be used in tourist security, event, mall, plaza and parking lot security at an array of locations, including Acapulco, Nuevo Laredo and Guadalajara.

The ESVs are "primarily used for law enforcement and security initiatives and are best known for being cost-effective … and environmentally friendly," company spokeswoman Lisa Black said Tuesday. "The sturdy design of the vehicle was engineered to enhance operator safety—a direct response to the array of less-sturdy personal mobility vehicles circling the law enforcement and security markets."

Mexico-based telecommunications and security company TSN has ordered $855,000 in ESVs for distribution to companies throughout Mexico since 2007, according to company spokeswoman Lisa Black.

"Our ongoing successes in Mexico are exciting on many levels," Eduardo Velasquez Gonzalez, TSN director general, said in a prepared statement. "Strong, durable, clean-energy security vehicles are few and far between on the ground here and the unique qualities by the T3 i-Series fulfill our customer's specific needs for their security initiatives."

The vehicles, which can travel at up to 15 mph, have also been sold by T3 Motion to distributers in Argentina, South Africa, Kuwait, Singapore and France. In January, two were bought by the Pentagon.

"We are pleased with the high degree of demand for our clean-technology security vehicles in Mexico," CEO Ki Nam said in a prepared statement. "With this successful reorder, TSN has become our top-selling and most successful distributor, selling over $1.2 million of T3 Motion products in Mexico. This is another great example of how our company is excelling on both the domestic and international arenas."

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