Balboa Peninsula to get its own Fourth of July parade [CORRECTED]

The Balboa Peninsula reputedly draws rowdy party crowds on Independence Day, but Newport Beach officials are trying to make the atmosphere around this year's celebrations more family-friendly.

City officials hope to do this by luring parents and children to a first-ever parade on the peninsula, the "Fourth of July is for Families" parade. It will join other parades staged around the city.

Representatives from the Police Department and Recreation Department will outline their holiday plans and programs at Tuesday's 4 p.m. study session meeting. [Corrected: when the issue will be outlined.]

"We're hoping to make it more family-friendly," said Councilman Steve Rosansky, who represents Newport's Second District.

Many peninsula residents had expressed concerns that, in previous years, they felt shut in because the peninsula is closed off. Some people throw wild parties there, leaving those with families few options to celebrate the holiday, Rosansky said.

The increase in organized activities and security is an attempt to reach out to those families who have felt excluded in the past, Rosansky said.

"It's been a big free-for-all in the past," he said.

As in previous years, the city will be drawing police officers from neighboring cities to help patrol the city, with a focus on the peninsula.

About 100 police officers from outside agencies are expected to support the 146 Newport police officers on duty for the Fourth of July, and concentrate on streets that typically have more parties, said Sgt. Steve Burdette.

The Orange County Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol and officers from Irvine, UC Irvine, Orange, Anaheim, Santa Ana and Fullerton will help out by primarily policing the city's Westside on Monday, Burdette said.

The city spends about $200,000 each year on the Fourth of July, said City Manager Dave Kiff.

In May, Newport Beach passed an ordinance banning "loud and unruly" behavior that is a danger or nuisance to the public. Under the law, houses that host wild parties can draw fines of up to $3,000 and have a black-and-white placard posted in their yards for three months.


What: City Council meeting

When: 7 p.m. Tuesday

Where: Council Chambers, City Hall, 3300 Newport Blvd., Newport Beach

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