Residents won't appeal vote on Woman's Club

Residents who petitioned the Planning Commission to reject the Woman's Club of Huntington Beach's application to rebuild its clubhouse will not appeal the commission's vote, a spokesman said.

Nesip Tarcan, a member of the group known informally as the 71 Concerned Residents of Downtown Huntington Beach, said in an email Friday evening that the group will instead focus its efforts on enforcing the rules for the new clubhouse laid out by the commission.

"We have had conversations with [Planning Commissioner] Mark Bixby and [City Councilman] Joe Shaw regarding carrying our fight further," Tarcan wrote. "It is their counsel that we may lose what we have gained if we appeal to the City Council. With an appeal, everything comes off the table and the debate starts anew. We would run a risk of losing what we have gained."

The commission gave the Woman's Club the green light Feb. 28 to build a new clubhouse to replace the one that burned down in April. As part of the approval, the commission set limits on how late the club could stay open, how many people could attend events and more.

Friday was the deadline for opponents to appeal the commission's vote.

—Michael Miller

Twitter: @MichaelMillerHB

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