Gay marriage supporters kiss at Chick-fil-A

Among those who came out to support gay marriage at theChick-fil-Ain Costa Mesa on Friday afternoon was the Rev. Sarah Halverson of Fairview Community Church.

"I felt like it was an important opportunity to stand on behalf of love and inclusion and gay couples," she said. "Love is love, and God has given us love to be shared."

Halverson was one of a few supporters who visited the Harbor Boulevard restaurant Friday as part a nationwide "kiss-in" in favor of gay marriage.

The counter-protest was in response to Wednesday's effort of supporters who came out en masse after the chicken sandwich chain's president said he was opposed to same-sex unions.

A line of people snaked out the door Friday afternoon, and almost no seat was unfilled, but there weren't nearly as many same-sex couples kissing as there were in other locations.

Halverson felt her faith compelled her to visit the restaurant.

She said although some Christians don't believe in gay marriage, her understanding of Christianity is that God supports those who find love.

"There are Christians like us at Fairview who think that God gave every human being divine love," she said.

She said she respects Chick-fil-A President Dan Cathy's right to free speech, but also exercised her own right to speak out against positions she finds hateful.

"We have the right to stand in disagreement with another's speech," she said.

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