Mailbag: Why won’t Republicans support wearing masks?

Newport Mayor Will O'Neill wears a face mask during a Newport Beach City Council meeting in April 2020.
(Screenshot by Hillary Davis)

Republicans insist on not equating wearing masks to reopening our businesses and keeping our citizenry safe. Whether it is political or personal, they are on the wrong side of science and health.

Why is it up to Democratic legislators like Rep. Harley Rouda (Laguna Beach) and state Assemblywoman Cottie Petrie-Norris (Laguna Beach) representing these areas to be the voices of reason in coastal Orange County?

It’s time to unmask the candidates who would put our residents and businesses at risk by ignoring the sound public health practices which all experts endorse. And, it’s time for our local economy to get well the right way.

Tim Geddes
Huntington Beach

Slow climate change now

Re “Commentary: Join the Costa Mesa council and members of the O.C. delegation in supporting climate bill,” (June 17):
This excellent piece points to the need to solve climate change. Support of local councils can help, but what is really needed is passage of House Resolution 763. That bill solves climate change by attacking the real problem: We do not now pay for the pollution we cause.

Kadence Martin
Huntington Beach

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