Mailbag: Orange shooting followed gun show, angering reader

Customers wait in line to buy ammo during Crossroads of the West Gun Show on March 27, 2020.
Customers wait in line to buy ammo during Crossroads of the West Gun Show on March 27 at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa.
(Kevin Chang / Staff Photographer)

Yesterday in the city of Orange, people were murdered as they went about their daily lives by yet another angry man with a gun. Women, men, children, the young and the old, it just doesn’t matter to the murderer because ... he is angry!

To top this off, this week the Daily Pilot had a frontpage, above-the-fold photo of this past weekend’s gun show at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Large crowds, no apparent distancing, mostly men, many unmasked. Yep, a gun show selling more weapons and ammunition. This, just after Atlanta, Denver, and, let us never forget, Sandy Hook.

I am so angry that the state of California allows its property to support the sale and transfer of guns and ammunition. No more gun shows on public property.

Rebecca Chadwick
Costa Mesa

At least Ortiz wears something

Huntington Beach Councilman Tito Ortiz remains recalcitrant about mask wearing, regardless of what epidemiologists are recommending. Is this Ortiz’s strategy for remaining in the public spotlight, even though it’s a blatant display of ignorance and a denial of science?

Perhaps Ortiz dislikes the idea of depriving his fellow council members of his striking countenance. As a mixed martial artist — his platform to third-tier celebrity status — I suppose we’re fortunate that he willingly wears a shirt to council meetings. After all, a ripped abdomen is politically impressive. Isn’t it?

Ben Miles
Huntington Beach

Project would block views

The 2510 PCH project was appealed by Mayor Brad Avery to further review the project and its cumulative impacts. The hearing will be held on April 13 at Newport Beach City Council Chambers. The applicant has proposed a 35-unit apartment complex (three units will be considered low income), with an adjacent car showroom.

There are concerns those priceless public views from both John Wayne and Cliff Drive parks will be severely impacted. John Wayne Park is one of the very few parks where families and friends gather to watch the Christmas Boat Parade every year. These people generally travel from the Inland Empire to watch the parade at no charge. They might not be able to afford to dine at a restaurant on the bay nor afford to rent a Duffy to view the parade, but they most certainly can bring a blanket and a picnic basket to watch our glorious parade, which originated in 1908.

The project does not take into consideration environmental justice issues with regard to the equal protection and meaningful involvement of all people with respect to the development, implementation and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations and policies and the equitable distribution of environmental benefits. These sacred views from John Wayne Park and the enjoyment for residents and out-of-town guests will be eradicated, as these parks are considered an environmental benefit for all people.

Who are these fortunate people who will be allowed to reside in these three low-income housing apartments? According to the staff report, the city provides the guidelines, and these guidelines provide priority treatment for city employees (those who qualify for low-income must make $44,850 per year for a one person household). Will these low-income apartments set precedence for Newport’s stakeholders that could conceivably pay to house city employees?

We must ask ourselves will three-low income apartments be a sound reason to obliterate public views for thousands of people and those future generations to come?

“Tomorrow hopes we have learned something from yesterday.”
— John Wayne

Peggy V. Palmer
Newport Beach

Republicans are getting the vaccine

In a recent Daily Pilot Mailbag, Denny Freidenrich stated that media sources such as CNN and Forbes have reported a disturbing trend of Republicans being reluctant or unwilling to get vaccinated.

The first problem with this statement is relying on CNN for any factual news today. I can assure Mr. Freidenrich that all my friends, both Republicans and Democrats, have either been vaccinated or are scheduled to be vaccinated. (We don’t need a financial incentive.)

Can we please stop with the division of individuals based on political affiliation or race? The media continues to stoke this dangerous and inflammatory rhetoric, and some people are buying into it. This narrative is not doing any good for anybody! Enough is enough.

Juli Hayden
Newport Beach

Public services rendered

The “Step on a crack, report back” article in the Daily Pilot by Sara Cardine was very interesting and public minded as well. The Public Services Department for Costa Mesa has a good idea in organizing a series of walk audits to locate and report hazards while walking. I personally observe a lot of people taking casual walks in my area not belonging to any organized groups but just getting exercise on their own.

A few weeks ago I was doing that in my local area of Newport Beach and discovered just prior to crossing a street that the light changer not only wasn’t working but had dropped from the light pole down to the sidewalk exposing wires on the pole itself where the changer had been. When I got home I immediately sent an email to the Newport Beach Police Department. I received an email back almost immediately saying that since it was not an emergency that it would have to go through proper channels to get where it was suppose to go. I said to myself that it probably wouldn’t get fixed because of what I thought would be a lot of bureaucratic red tape so I just forgot about it. A few days ago I received another email saying that the problem had been resolved so I took another walk to the problem light pole and lo and behold it had been repaired.

The point is that anyone taking a walk in their particular neighborhood could do what the Public Services Department does in just keeping their eyes open and reporting anything that needs to be fixed, repaired or resolved to the proper authorities. Hopefully it will be taken care of.

Bill Spitalnick
Newport Beach

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