Mailbag: H.B. council members aren’t the bad guys

Teri Williams joins others in a Huntington Beach Mobile Home Resident Coalition rally in Huntington Beach.
(Don Leach / Staff Photographer)

It is a sad situation for the mobile park residents (Frustrated Huntington Beach mobile home owners continue to seek answers, Daily Pilot, May 3), but they do have the option of selling their mobile homes or moving to another location where it may be less expensive to live. Instead, many of them cast aspersions on our new conservative City Council and attempt to make them look like the bad guys. I like the new council and City Atty. Michael Gates and what they’re doing to thwart the state’s development mandate on Huntington Beach. When Gov. Gavin Newsom builds low-income housing next to his Fair Oaks home near Sacramento, then have him contact our City Council.

Peter Anderson
Huntington Beach

Questioning Planned Parenthood’s motives

Well, we knew this was coming, Planned Parenthood’s desperate attempt to make abortion a gift for Mother’s Day, like apple pie and baseball (“Want to really help moms and kids in Orange County? Share your abortion story,” Daily Pilot, May 15). To create the illusion that we should celebrate the abortion experience, the organization is asking women to describe their Disney ride on the abortion table. Let’s celebrate them after they agreed to stop the beating heart of their child! Maybe P.P. should also ask the mothers if they would like to see their baby’s ultrasound before they abort it. If they did, a number of the mothers would walk out, but they won’t show them the ultrasound.

If we are going to be balanced and transparent, let’s ask the women who aborted their babies who are still suffering from regret, shame and depression to write about their abortion experience. P.P. constantly touts the illogical motto: My body, my choice! It fails to comprehend that if a woman really wants a choice, she should use the ones that apply before conception: abstinence or birth control. But you won’t hear that from P.P. because it’s not profitable. The ultimate test for a country’s survival is its moral backbone and how will it treat its children, the next generation. If our character is the sum of our habits, 60 million abortions since 1973 says a lot about our debased character.

Bill and Jann Dunlap
Newport Beach

Irrelevant issues surface in H.B.

A dress code for Surf City beaches? Why is the Huntington Beach City Council even considering such an intervention? Topless beaches are popular around the world. Thong bathing suits are popular options for sunbathing. Why does this conservative council give attention to issues such as the LGBTQ+ Pride flag and now swimwear? Is it a ploy to distract the citizenry from other more fundamental issues, such as lifting the campaign contribution amount from $620 to $4,900 for council races?

Ben Miles
Huntington Beach