Commentary: Measure V supporters are getting ‘desperate’


The proponents of Costa Mesa’s Measure V (proposed city charter) are running scared these days. As the election clock runs out, they are now throwing a last-ditch campaign to appeal to residential voters whom might not be “union-huggers.” This is the level of desperation Measure V proponents have resorted; trying to suggest that the only faction voting no on Measure V is the union interests.

What these proponents deliberately fail to inform voters is the fact that these union-oriented issues will be addressed at a later, more appropriate time and using proper processes. Union negotiations are simply not the only platform when deciding when, what, which and if to adopt a new city charter. Proponents’ ancient tactic is to muddy the water and divert attention away from other issues.

Even with all of the lack-luster Measure V debating, early unofficial opinions I have gathered seem to suggest a rather strong defeat of Measure V. But voters should not rely on this. We should not sit back in our easy chairs, waiting for the results. Take no chances. Everyone needs to get out and vote. Every vote counts, and is of the utmost importance.


The few redeeming factors of Measure V will be addressed properly (without all of the negatives) after all the childish election hoopla is finally over. Intelligent voters will have an opportunity to review and decide individual issues in a more mature fashion. Let’s vote no on Measure V, and move forward!

JAMES H. BRIDGES lives in Costa Mesa.