Commentary: Curry is the best choice for Assembly

On behalf of 15 former Newport Beach mayors, we urge residents to vote for Newport Beach City Councilman Keith Curry to represent our community in the Assembly on June 3.

Curry has demonstrated remarkable leadership on the council in crafting consensus solutions that have made our city financially stronger, advanced it technologically and infused it with a higher level of customer service. The OASIS Senior Center, Newport Coast Community Center, Civic Center Park, Coastal Peak Park, Mariners Library and Central Library expansion are just a few of the projects completed while Curry was on the council.

Currently underway are Marina and Sunset Ridge parks as well as substantial street, sewer and water system improvements to last our city for the next 108 years.

Curry worked with Paul Gann to pass the “Spirit of 13" spending limitation initiative in 1979, and he worked for President Ronald Reagan in Washington to reform the national government. In the Assembly, Curry will work to lower taxes, reduce government regulation and protect Proposition 13. He has been a leader in identifying and responding to the challenges of state prisoners being released into our community, and he will work to stop this revolving door whereby criminals are sent back to Orange County.

Don’t believe the false claims made by his young and inexperienced opponents. Curry opposes high-speed rail. He believes each city council, accountable to the voters, should make the decisions regarding group homes, massage parlors and fire rings rather than be preempted by state bureaucrats, as his opponents would do.

Curry has created a national business with more than 450 employees and $100 million in annual revenues. He has signed both the front and the back of a paycheck. His opponents are longtime political staffers with no real business experience.

Join the California Small Business Association, Orange County Professional Firefighters, Orange County Business Council and respected civic leaders, such as former state Secretary of Education Marian Bergeson, environmental advocate Jean Watt, Stop Polluting Our Newport (SPON) President Marko Popovich, and five of the six members of the Newport Beach City Council in supporting Keith Curry for state Assembly.

MICHAEL HENN is a current Newport Beach councilman and former mayor. DENNIS O’NEIL is a former Newport mayor.