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Letters to the Editor: Newport Beach voters should return incumbents to office

Newport Beach City Council candidates attend a forum last month at the Oasis Senior Center.
(Photo by Hillary Davis)

Balboa Island residents ought to remember the uproar that occurred when city staff and our own island City Council member advocated for a roundabout on Bayside Drive. We were up in arms. Fortunately, the council majority saw fit to improve safety without advancing the unwieldy roundabout.

We should also remember the seawall cap, which would not have happened without this City Council’s constant push for new and better ideas — and would have been view-blocking without the intervention of Mayor Marshall “Duffy” Duffield.

And while not as fun to talk about, this City Council has spent more time and attention on basic water and sewer infrastructure than any council I can remember. Plus, our bridge is completed and finally user-friendly.

This is a back-to-basics City Council that ought to be reelected.


Jack Callahan

Newport Beach


Newport Beach voters should vote newcomers into office

The true measure of a person’s character is how he/she behaves under pressure. Either a candidate takes the high road or the low road. Remarkably, Councilman Scott Peotter has often taken the low road when he wasn’t even under pressure. He should have felt fortunate to have been elected in a city where he had lived for such a short period of time. Instead he has caused nothing but trouble for the council and the city.


On the other hand, his opponent, Joy Brenner, has conducted her campaign with honor and class. She could have easily attacked her opponent, but chose not to. She has given so much to this city and is admired by so many people. It is unfortunate that her opponent and their friends have not conducted themselves in the same manner.

I hope that people focus on replacing the incumbents who have caused the city and its inhabitants such grief, and who have acted so unprofessionally and irresponsibly. We deserve candidates of integrity, such as Brenner, and the equally positive and accomplished, Tim Stoaks.

Lynn Lorenz

Newport Beach


Re-elect Metoyer to the school board

As she completes her first term as trustee for the Newport-Mesa Unified School District, Charlene Metoyer has a plethora of achievements for all of the students of the NMUSD, including a startling 80% decrease in truancy since 2014. In her second term, she will continue to promote dual-immersion programs at the elementary schools and expand pre-school and after school programs, and resume the last phase of installing air conditioning systems at the school sites.

Additionally, she will serve as a mentor to the two incoming trustees that will be elected in lieu of Judy Franco and Walt Davenport, who are retiring. As a devoted NMUSD teacher, and a beloved former principal at two district schools, she has left an indelible legacy of excellence in education and a solid record advocating for her students. Metoyer brings depth, knowledge and experience to the dais.

Kimberly Bertrand


Costa Mesa

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