Sounding Off: Illegals costing states billions

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Ed Hepner wrote that Arizona gave in to just 20% of the voters regarding their new anti illegal alien law (Sounding Off: "Arizona gave in to just 20% of voters," May 22).

Where did he come up with that estimate? The latest polls show that 71% of the likely voters in Arizona support the new law. A Rasmussen poll also shows that, "Nationally 55% of the American people favor passage of such a law in their state."

Something needs to be done and our federal government is turning a blind eye to the problem. What most Americans don't know is that the population of the United States is expanding faster than that of Latin America. The census bureau estimates, at the current rate of growth, the population of the U.S. will reach 1.18 billion by the turn of the next century. This rapid expansion is almost totally due to immigration. Does anyone really want four times our current population? The number of people in our country will determine, more than any other factor, what kind of environment we will have in the future.

Ed Hepner goes on to report what "think tanks, especially universities, have researched..." Most universities are filled with left-wing ideologues. They don't have the views of moderate thinking Americans. Their views almost always side with the "open borders" people.

The Federation of American Immigration Reform recently did a study on the economic impact of illegal immigration on the state of Arizona and found that it cost that state $2.7 billion a year, over and above any taxes paid in by the illegal aliens. California has approximately six times the number of people of Arizona, so multiply that figure by six and you have more than $16 billion. Anyone who believes that illegal aliens don't cost the states more than they contribute is living in a dream world.

Every nation in the world protects its border, with one exception.

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