Mailbag: Sunset not fit to be on its own

Regarding “A new dawn for Sunset?”, May 27:
We have lived in Huntington Harbour for the past 37 years and have observed the Sunset Beach community close up. It doesn’t pay its way now and will never be able to as a city of 1,300. It has an inadequate volunteer fire department, so emergency calls, which are virtually all medical, are handled by the nearby Huntington Beach fire station. We presently have four police forces patrolling the Pacific Coast Highway corridor — one to two miles long by 400 yards at the widest point, generally half that, a terrible waste needing a fix.
The campaigners for incorporation do not wish to retain the beach on which their homes reside so as to avoid that expense, unjustified for the county and unlike other OC Orange County beach cities, while reducing a county revenue source to pay for it. Affording city necessities like safety, permits and public works will be beyond them. And on and on... It is already an economic fiction that other county residents subsidize.
Orange County supervisors need to deny any such application, and if they wish to have this inadequately tangential area properly incorporated as they have indicated, the choice, without past unjustified demands, should be within either Seal Beach, like the Surfside colony, or Huntington Beach, whichever best works for the residents and either city. Sunset Beach simply can’t make a go of it with its numbers, and it will only make a bad situation worse.
Huntington Beach

Sue City, here we come
Perhaps we should change the city nickname from Surf City and take up one that no one else will sue us about and seems to be befitting of the current trend here in Huntington Beach:... Sue City. It has become quite apparent that we do not need a stimulus package in this city or county, Mr. Obama. We are taking care of not only our own denizens but also dozens of others by virtue of being Sue City (hopefully, in your weekly address, you do not let this leak out, or we will fill our hotels to the brim and our already-stressed paramedics will be inundated). It is apparent that taking responsibilities and being accountable is a no-brainer and that the city will take care of all those who made poor judgment, or just failed to keep their eyes open.
Huntington Beach

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