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Surfing Soapbox: Livin’ the beach, livin’ a dream

There’s a woman riding by on the beach in Punta Sayulita. She’s on a big brown horse, next to the water’s edge, and a little farther down to the south peels a little right point break. Some are surfing on long boards while others are stand up paddle surfing — yes, the latest surf craze is alive and well here.

This little surf town reminds me of the Laguna Beach I knew when I was growing up. Everyone here is “livin’ the beach.” That’s my new favorite phrase. I saw it written on an old dusty truck the other day in town, and it kind of spoke to me. Something about the spirit of the beach has always spoken to me louder than anything else in my life.


I knew at a young age that my life would never take a normal path. I was never influenced by what at the time society deemed to be “normal.” I think I always moved to a different tune.

Even with my father being a doctor, school was never my thing. He and I often joke about it now. I have a great respect for those who choose that route in life and an equal respect for those who chase the alternative dream, whatever that may be.



Looking out, putting on my headphones and finding a good song and writing about something new and different reminds me a lot of surfing because no two waves are ever the same and the possibilities are endless, so go follow your dreams.


When I was younger, my father told me that travel is sometimes the best education one can have.I have to agree with him. I love seeing the different facets that life has to offer. The different traditions, the different cultures, all of them make me feel so alive and so open to new experiences on the open road of travel.