Sounding Off: Website woes worth our patience

As I was reading the Daily Pilot online late Monday I had to stop and chuckle when I got to the Forum page and found three letters to the editor. Two of them were very critical of the recent website design change — understandably so. The new online design, while much sharper and very clean looking, is incomplete, and it's that element that most readers just don't like. They can't find old familiar sections, no matter how hard they try.

One reader, Erin Jackson, writing from Ferndale, Mich., brought a smile to my face when she commented, "Nor can I find the columns I loved to read — Geoff West, to name one."

Thank you, Erin - I'm not a columnist, but I can't find myself, either!

We all must be patient.

Once they get the transition sorted out I think this is going to be a good change. I like the "look" of the page and I've been told that the staff is working tirelessly to bring forward some of our missing favorite sections and features — like the archives and the comments, for example.

Yes, Erin, they are still putting those pieces together.

We've been given some guidance to utilize the new companion site,, to find information currently not available on the Daily Pilot site, but that's only a marginally satisfactory solution — I want my Daily Pilot!

In the meantime, Erin, to help you stay current on things back here at home, you can check out Amy Senk's excellent blog, or you can find me at my blog,, as a temporary fix. Our Daily Pilot will soon be back firing on all cylinders, better than ever.

Geoff West

Costa Mesa

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