Mailbag: All should support cleaner energy


Thanks to the Daily Pilot for publishing the photo of the "Hands Across the Sand" event organized by fellow Corona del Mar resident Sophie Molinary ("Corona del Mar Today," Daily Pilot, June 27).

All Californians must surely support cleaner energy sources or risk the dire consequences of off-coast drilling now suffered by fisherman, tourist industries and residents along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico.

Sophie, I'll sign your petition, and I'll ask my conscientious friends to sign it, too. We should all remember who supports industry regulations when we place our votes come November!

Liz Swiertz Newman

Corona del Mar

Immigration reform is needed, not scapegoating

There are literally millions of jobs available in the U.S. for those willing to sneak into the country that pay as much in a week as they could earn in a year, assuming there were any jobs available at all.

We have a 2,000-mile border with Mexico that will never be less than semi-porous. To demonize people who take advantage of that is ignoring reality. A comprehensive reform of our immigration laws allowing increases in work permits would be a good start.

Pat Ormsbee

Newport Beach

Marriott offers enjoyable staycation

I wish to commend the Newport Beach Marriott Hotel and Spa for a marvelous "staycation" during a recent weekend.

As locals, we tend to forget our own lovely setting. But my daughter and I enjoyed all the amenities of this fine hotel, including beautifully decorated room, the golf course/ocean and harbor view, the spa, room service and the hotel's proximity to the shopping of Fashion Island, while feeling we had a wonderful getaway.

Let's all support our local hotels and spend our vacation dollars at home.

Carol McDermott

Newport Coast

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