Being in the 'here and now'

Do not nimble responses tell you that you are OK? I am not just trying to make pleasant conversation. I mean look around, connect to the environment and be there. Now you are OK, you are in Laguna.

Try to understand why you are here, while you are here. Establish an intimate relationship with nature. Let the give and take of this relationship shape your life. Live the moment let the experience unfold. First unplugged, notice your separation with the natural world and open your senses.

Take a walk at Heisler or Moulton Meadows parks. Enjoy the sun at Victoria Beach or stroll downtown. While you are there for the next hour or two, don't answer that call on your cell phone, or receive or send any M-Text. Turn off your iPod. We want you there, not partially there. Be present at that moment, listen the the water if you are close to the ocean or the birds if you are on the hills.

Fulfill your being with the flow of energy around you; this experience requires a sustained attention. Now you are connected to this unique place called Laguna Beach. Perhaps you can notice now the deep color of the ocean or the different greens and touches of colors from the flowers on your walk. Be mindful. Now you are wireless, you belong not to the blue or red network but the human experience: a much larger "HUB," and an amazing thing happens. Feel the breeze. Pay attention to the smells.

Is this not wonderful, and unbelievable? This time is for you. The time for just being, aware of how this moment is influencing your life. It is time for walking, biking, eating at your favorite place, maybe family time. This moment is precious and important enough not to be interrupted or carried away. This is life, your life, your moment in Laguna.

No agenda or things to accomplish, or the need of electronic devices to fill time or drive your attention or partial attention away. Did you notice that nowadays, with all the innovation in telecommunications you are always "on," always at the office, and there is no end to work? You have lost the boundaries between your workweek and the weekend.

I am not criticizing you or the good of what these technologies bring to us. Just be aware of how this influences our daily lives. Tell me you are not bothered when someone answers the call in the men's room, or check e-mails at a concert and that light drives your attention away.

Bored? Do you need constant stimulation? Instead of EMF in your brain try the energy of this environment. Fulfill this moment, go moment to moment, and connect with yourself and with others. See the world as it unfolds in front of you.

Are you now fully present, giving meaning to this moment, giving your whole to one matter? Are you finding joy in this experience? Are you yourself again? Try again next week, a bit longer.

You are in Laguna. Laguna Beach — if not the best, one of the very best places ever.

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