Pet Of The Week

The cat Curious showed up at the Gonzales family's backdoor wanting to be fed. Soon, the family was surprised with five kittens.

Unfortunately, this is a familiar story to rescuers. There are many unaltered kittens/young cats wandering outdoors in some neighborhoods that will boost the already pet-over-population because they are not spayed and neutered.

Please support responsible rescue organizations and adopt kittens from responsible rescue groups that are already spayed and neutered. (In 2001, the state of California mandated large municipal shelters to alter puppies and kittens at 2 lbs. or 8 weeks)

Most local animal rescuers support early spaying/neutering. Animal organizations in Orange County have united and have asked local pet supply stores to host adoption groups that spay and neuter kittens prior to leaving the custody of the rescue.

Applause to PETCO's district manager Joe Beller who recently re-implemented PETCO's spaying/neutering policy and is supporting spaying and neutering prior to adoption.

Meet the two tabbies Precious and Ava and the two tortoiseshells Sasha and Tasha by calling (949) 759-3646, or come to Fashion Island pet adoption events, Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 4 p.m., sponsored by Russo's Pet Experience.

See photos of available animals online

Help local animals by donating. Mail your check to Community Animal Network, P.O. Box 8662, Newport Beach, 92658. Memo the check nonprofit tax ID # 33-0971560.

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