Mailbag: Why show off poor eating decisions?

Have you no shame? A front page photo shows a diabetic, and the article talks about a man with high cholesterol at the fair ("Deep-fried indulgences," July 22).

Do you want to kill off your readers?

That's what these men are doing to themselves. Do they not have family and friends? Are these the pictures they are going to post when they die?

My husband has been a diabetic for 53 years. He eats right and exercises two hours every day. You're a diabetic every day, and you can't take a day off. Yes, we all love to eat, but I would die of embarrassment if you put a picture of me smoking on the front page. Yes, I know it's wrong, and I don't want to share it with the world.

So be a good editor and get these men help. And when he said he only does this occasionally, does he not see his double chins and fat belly?

He does it every day. I am so angry.

Patricia Edelman

Newport Beach

Show us more about school board candidates

I have questions about the Newport-Mesa Unified School District Board of Education election campaign:

(1) Should the candidates spend as much as $40,000 on the race?

(2) Shouldn't the position be as was intended: non-partisan?

(3) Would it be possible for the Daily Pilot to publish question-and-answer interviews with the candidates on a weekly basis, starting in September, to allow the voters to try to understand the district's issues and the candidate's positions?

Also, because being a school board member requires that you know and understand an enormous amount of material, wouldn't it be a perfect idea for each board member to have at least one intern? A deal for the intern(s) could be struck with professors at local colleges/universities giving them credit for the semester/year. Great summaries for the board members and great experience for the students. Good idea?

Just asking.

Sandy Asper

Newport Beach

Please excise graphic details in coverage

Please, please spare us graphic details ("Court won't review conviction," July 15).

The Greg Haidl case happened eight years ago. The specifics of it need not be repeated in each and every article for reader shock value. Even the Los Angeles Times, when referencing the same story, does not use the inflammatory language found in the Daily Pilot articles.

I consider the Daily Pilot a family read, but, several times in the recent past, have been greatly disappointed by the editing.

If you must change the tenor of your writing, please try to make calculated choices for the sake of your reader population.

Kathleen Hanold

Costa Mesa

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