Mailbag: Thanks to council for doing right thing

As a 30-year resident of Sunset Beach, I attended the meeting Aug. 2 when Huntington Beach voted to annex Sunset ("Huntington votes to annex Sunset," Aug. 5). When you read all the reports — those paid for by Sunset Beach residents, and those paid for by Huntington Beach — it is clear that Huntington Beach made the correct decision.

There was a very vocal minority of well-meaning but naive residents who want to become a city. The silent majority did not even bother to show up at the meeting. That would be more than 1,000 residents who just want to be left alone. In addition, since the minority is so vocal, they intimidate their neighbors. My husband of 40 years signed the original petition to research the possibility of becoming a small city. It is simply not financially feasible.

Your article said, "Sunset Beach residents shouted 'no' as Carchio spoke." It should have read, "some Sunset Beach residents."

Most of the Sunset Beach residents at the meeting were polite and allowed each other and the council to speak, even though we have differences of opinion.

One of the council members pointed out that an arbitrary line around Sunset Beach would not alter the unique character of Sunset Beach. But if 1,200 residents had to create the infrastructure necessary to maintain a city, that would certainly alter Sunset's character. Sunset Beach has spent more than a year researching this topic, and it has indeed caused some strife between neighbors.

I say thank you to the Huntington Beach City Council for being so patient and doing its homework.

Carrol Wolf

Sunset Beach


Disagreement over annexation

I don't believe Huntington Beach City Council should have voted to annex Sunset Beach. Sunset Beach should have the right to refuse annexation.

Edwin Johnson

Huntington Beach


Yes, I agree that Huntington Beach did the right thing in voting to annex Sunset Beach. I live in Sunset Beach and know that cityhood, while a wonderful dream, is not economically feasible.

Phyllis Maywhort

Sunset Beach


Stand up to special interests

The letter by Tim Geddes ("Keep an eye on mobile homes," Mailbag, Aug. 5) is an accurate description of what is happening at my mobile home park, Huntington Shorecliffs. Against well-funded and well-represented park owners, the manufactured housing owners have little chance of prevailing in any property rights disputes or lawsuits. We need a local government that will stand up to the special interests that threaten our parks with ruination. I agree with Geddes that mobile home owners need to help elect City Council members who will accomplish this goal.

Madeline Seymour

Huntington Beach

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