Sounding Off: Skateboarding is way of life

Eat, pray if you like, love, walk and skateboard. Laguna Beach is more than a "skateboard park." It is a skateboard heaven.

The whole town is up and down, and people have been skateboarding here from the beginning when a skateboard was a piece of wood with a pair of old skates screwed on the front and back.

Certainly we need some good ideas in relation to safety on the really steep hills, but a ban will never work. Like one writer said, it's part of our culture and it ain't going away.

Walking is not only great for the body but good for the spirit. Laguna's neighborhood gardens, public parks, beaches and more than 20 canyons are a walker's paradise.

Try walking through Diamond Canyon on Diamond Street. At the top of Diamond, a verdant, green garden grows just before you take the turn north and downhill. The trails in the green belt and Victory Walk in Laguna Canyon are great too.

Some of our canyons include Hobo, Diamond, Bluebird, Laguna and Boat. Great destination parks and beaches include Crescent Bay, Shaws Cove, beautiful Heisler Park, Main Beach, Bluebird Park, Thalia Street, Brooks Street, Oak Street overlook, Mountain Drive, the "grand staircase" to Wood's Cove, Aliso beach, West Street beach, Secret Cove, the Village Green in South Laguna and Thousand Stairs.

Eat, pray if you like, love — but whatever you do, consider walking and skateboarding. It's a way of life in Laguna Beach.

Roger Carter lives in Laguna Beach.

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