Mailbag: Triangle Square? More like 'Oxymoron Plaza'

Triangle Square in Costa Mesa should be named Oxymoron Plaza, and should be the first city budget issue debated ("Budget is talk of 1st debate," Aug. 20). An oxymoron is something that doesn't make sense. Does it make sense to cut the services in a city that has its central plaza laying fallow?

The design and the leases have always been in question. Who would lease the bottom part to a natural foods store in the middle of an exhaust factory (the lower level of the parking lot)? Why not locate an electronic store (like Fry's) in that space or some type of store that has a big return customer draw? Who would put in elevators that end of different levels? Before the recession there were several successful businesses there. If Mother's Market has the tenacity to upgrade in the middle of an economic downturn, why not the city of Costa Mesa?

Why not offer leases that do not collect annual percentages? Maybe we could lower lease payments or redesign some of the units for a few tenant apartments. The center of our town is a deserted mess. Triangle Square is the first thing you see when coming of the 55 Freeway.

Newport seems to keep its movie theaters, even the ones upstairs at Newport Center. Why not us? Metro Pointe is always crowded and the movie theater is upstairs. The seats are arranged in a steep angle, which makes it hard and dangerous for older people to attend. How about keeping the elevators and escalators maintained? Maybe we could put kiosks on the upper levels for a draw. Coating the upper floor with something that will stand up under the crowd, and not stain so badly, would help maintain a cleaner, better look.

With Mother's across Newport Boulevard, now seems the ideal time to recruit new tenants and new ideas. Upgrade Triangle Square, or let's just call it Oxymoron Plaza.

Joanna Economakos

Costa Mesa

Whose city council was it?

On Saturday, the Pilot offered an op-ed piece by Kevin Doane regarding a City Council meeting ("Forum: A great end to a long council meeting," Aug. 21). One must assume from the identification of Mr. Doane as a resident of Costa Mesa that the article's subject is the City Council of Costa Mesa.

There is not a single word anywhere about the council being that of Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or elsewhere. Where is your copy editor?

Burton Karson

Corona del Mar

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