Mailbag: Disneyland dress code distress is making Mickey 'ashamed'

Imane Boudlal was given compromises and different positions with Disneyland where she could wear what she wanted ("OC Now: Muslim worker taken off Disney's schedule," Aug. 25). Instead, she refused and did so very visibly in front of her entourage consisting of videographers, photographers and reporters.

Disney has a costume policy. She knew this when she accepted the position. She has one of two purposes here: To make a statement by forcing Disney to submit to her unreasonable demands or to receive a sizable judgment from Disney for her "pain and suffering."

I strongly support religious freedom. I also support common sense.

Common sense dictates that Boudlal has an underlying agenda. According to recent articles, she "requested" a change from Disney's strict dress code, a dress code that is part of Disney's dress and hiring policy. It sounds more to me like a demand and a threat, and that threat is now in the form of a discrimination complaint/lawsuit that she has brought against Disney.

How odd that she worked there for 2 1/2 years without making this demand. Now that she is making it, it is so vitally important to her that she won't accept any compromise from her employer. I hope she is able to find a suitable position at Disney that accommodates both her religious freedom and allows Disney to continue its dress code.

If she wins her lawsuit, will all characters disappear from Disney? Will we no longer see pirates, Mickey, the princesses? Where will this stop?

Mickey would be ashamed of her.

Karen Mack

Costa Mesa

Ah, so we can promote our candidates and state our opposition to others in the Forum now ("Mailbag: So where are these jobs, Boxer?" Aug. 19)? Then I wish to protest gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman's TV commercials about her opponent, Jerry Brown. Rather than itemize the false information, I refer voters who seek the truth to

It would have served Whitman better had she aired only one ad saying she had put $104 million to some noble use — instead of toward trying to buy herself a prestigious political office. And as for "Where are the jobs?" — as asked of Sen. Barbara Boxer by letter writer Thomas R. Damiani — my research tells me that both Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina have been huge outsourcers of jobs at California's expense.

Liz Swiertz Newman

Corona del Mar

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