Mailbag: Front-page recognition was not deserved

Really? Is it a slow news day? Why would you give the front page leading article to that woman? Not for one minute would I believe that self absorbed, self obsessed woman has changed ("Kitaen: Who she is today," Aug. 28). I loved Tawny Kitaen's comment, "I love Newport Beach, people leave you alone."For someone who is supposedly so committed to the community, that's a strange thing to say.

How about spotlighting someone who is deserving of some recognition? School is starting soon; how about giving some attention to the hundreds of teachers in our district for a little goodwill and start of the new academic year?

That article was nauseating.

C. Armstrong

Newport Beach

In birth, credits are the mother's

Very heart-warming story, but it was very misleading to say that the deliverer was a Fire Department paramedic ("Family's little 'PCH' is born," Aug. 27). For those who may not be aware: in the normal birth situation (wherever that may occur) the woman delivers the baby. In fact, the birth experience is very exhausting to Mom, and she needs all the assistance she can get, which is where our fire departments and doctors can help. But please don't say "they delivered the baby," when Mom really does most of the work to make things come out OK. Just helping to spread some truth here.


John Shubert

Newport Beach

P.S.: The letter writer assisted the birth at home of his first child in Hilo, Hawaii in 1975 during a 6.2 magnitude earthquake.

Article makes airport's intentions unclear

I recently read, with interest, the article in the Daily Pilot about John Wayne Airport ("540M feather in John Wayne's cap," Aug. 22). Of particular interest was the statement that the airport expects to serve "more than 10.8 million passengers" (annually) between January 2011 and December 2015. Since our County Board of Supervisors has assured us that the expansion is necessary to meet the current requirements and is not intended to allow more passengers than the cap of 10.8 million passengers, the Pilot must have misquoted the airport statement, or, is it a fact that the airport intends to blow through the cap? It sure makes one wonder what is really going on behind the scenes.

Colleen Smoot


LEDs would be hideous, distracting

Please oppose the proposed LED signs on Triangle Square. Besides horribly disfiguring the city, they would be an outstanding distraction for drivers at these high-traffic intersections.

Richard Herman

Costa Mesa

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