Sounding Off: Remembering the victims and heroes of 9/11

Saturday marks the ninth anniversary of 9/11 — a day that will be forever remembered in the hearts and souls of all Americans.

Nine long years have passed since that day of madness, yet the passage of time does not mute the pain felt for the nearly 3,000 who died. Nine years removed, we as a nation continue to grieve despite the healing and rebuilding that has taken place. T

o the victims and their families who have endured the most, our prayers go out to you. Your memory has laid the foundation for America's collective recovery and gives us the strength to carry on the fight against terrorism.

In addition to the victims and their families, we remember the thousands of heroes who risked their lives amidst collapsing buildings so that others might live. Their heroism and sacrifice is the emblem of America and a source of great pride.

Nine years later, let us pay tribute to the memory of 9/11. Let us pray for the victims and their families whose pain still runs deep. Let us reflect on the dangers America still faces and send prayers to the brave men and women who serve valiantly for our nation's security. Nine years later, let us come together in remembrance for the fallen, and with a renewed sense of unity, resilience and patriotism which are the hallmark of the American people.

Tom Harman represents the 35th State Senatorial District.

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