Mailbag: Muslim women should fear Islam

I agree with the Daily Pilot's editorial board ("Editorial: Defusing Islamophobia," Sept. 12). There is a fear of Islam. Or, more specific, a fear of the practice of Islam.

The group that fears Islam the most are women, especially young Muslim women. How could one not have a general fear or dread of it? Knowing the slightest infraction of Muhammad's Law, the slightest discourtesy or appearance of disrespect towards the male Muslim will bring serious consequences. Disowned or shunned by your own family; never see your children again; beaten and thrown into jail; public hanging or beheading; being mutilated and disfigured for life; stoned by your family and neighbors until ... God smiles on you and allows one large piece of concrete to crush your skull to end the pain.

As a liberal I strongly support your 1st Amendment right to believe as you wish. However, the practice of Islam — the political, military, legal complex and the Islamic state is not acceptable. The moderate peace-loving Muslim is the overwhelming majority of Islam, I am told and only a tiny percent, 1% to 2%, of Islam is violent or makes up Islamic state governments.

If this be the case, all that is needed is a demand from the Muslim male, from Dubai to Detroit, that the demands under threat of violence cease. The Islamic states based on Muhammad's law dissolved. The practice of treating women like slaves or personal property stop. All military actions under the name of Islam shall be no more.

It is hard to tell which is worse for one's soul; to be a devout Muslim male and do nothing or be an apologist for the Muslim male and say nothing.

August Lightfoot

Newport Beach

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