Mailbag: Election signs linger too long on sidewalks

Election signs linger too long on sidewalks

Wouldn't it be nice to see our elected officials create and pass an ordinance in Huntington Beach regarding campaign signs that clutter our city long after an election?

In fact, I think it is unthinkable that anyone wishing to become an elected official in this city, county, state or country would leave such garbage behind.

The city could impose a separate fee when registering, or it could fine the local campaign office for cleanup: $1 or $2 per sign and a $10 fine to the homeowner who leaves a sign out more than seven days after an election. A senior patrol here in Huntington Beach can pick up the signs and evaluate the fee to each candidate and write the tickets for neglectful homeowners.

Since the city is in a budget shortfall, and four seats on the council will be replaced, this would be a good time to introduce a new ordinance on political signage in our community.

Jim Hunnel

Huntington Beach

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