Mailbag: Next time, talk to watch commander

Well congratulations to Jimmy Righeimer. Once again he found a way to get a free political ad from the Daily Pilot ("Incident about union's dislike for me," Sept. 26). I'm still amazed that for so long he wrote columns for your paper that were nothing more than campaign ads. His self importance lingers, however, when he states that in his meeting with the police chief and city manager "the three of us can find a solution to the placement and time of DUI checkpoints."

Let us look at another approach to Jimmy's actions. Follow the police directions, if you're unhappy after passing through the checkpoint, call the Police Department, ask for the watch commander and complain to him.

I know exactly where I would have ended up if I questioned police during one of their operations. But, hey, I'm just a Costa Mesa citizen, not a planning commissioner.

Jack Perkins

Costa Mesa

Allen Drucker, I agree with you. Illegal motorcycles should never be allowed to operate on our nations roads, byways and highways.

In your letter to the Daily Pilot, you state that "most of these motorcycles have been illegally modified for the sole purpose of making them unbelievably loud and noisy…. to intimidate…" ("Mailbag: 'Easy Riders' are making some uneasy," Sept. 16).

Really? How do you know this? Please provide empirical data that supports your claim that "most" of the motorcycles participating in the Southern California "Remember 9/11 Ride" were illegal street bikes.

I, for one, was not at all intimidated by the patriotic show of compassion by the hundreds of "Easy Riders" joined together riding from Cooks Corner to Long Beach to honor that fateful day nine years ago. Peace signs, salutes, smiles, and yes, engines roared. And yes, I too cried.

In 2009, the ride ended at Long Beach's Marine Stadium with escorts from six different fire departments and multiple police agencies. An OCFA Fire Attack Helicopter hovered 50 feet off the deck as it escorted riders up Pacific Coast Highway. Multiple agencies sent out fire and law enforcement boats to salute as the procession came by various waterways.

Next year, the 10th anniversary of 9/11, perhaps you might join those of us who watch, wave flags and cheer on this commemorative ride. I hope you too might feel a wave of emotion for the lives lost amid the energy and remembrance this enthusiasm brings.

"Lest We Forget."

Elizabeth Pyle

Newport Beach

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