Mailbag: Soccer does some magic in the Westside

Sometimes it only takes a soccer ball to change a self-deluded kid into a dynamic and engaging person. A soccer game brings out that little light that is deeply embedded inside his or her heart.

For many years, a soccer ball has not been running freely in some areas of Costa Mesa. As odd as it sounds, it isn't allow to be kicked around in a nearby park in this city.

Sometimes grown-ups don't understand the beauty surrounding a soccer game, unless of course, these people live in Europe, Asia, Latin America, or why not, in the Westside of Costa Mesa, where soccer is king and any soccer tournament is a crowning event.

Not long , soccer did some magic in the City Council. After a long debate, a majority of the council — Mayor Allan Mansoor did not want to take part of the vote — decided to allow a soccer organization to schedule games in the Westside.

It was a relief for many parents. They no longer had to travel miles away to other cities to let their kids enjoy a game that is profoundly entrenched in their culture.

Westside kids now have a big reason to celebrate, have fun and win awards.

Recently about 210 kids participated in a mini-soccer tournament at Wilson Elementary School. The event was a success. At the end, every kid who signed up received a medal for participating. For some it was their first, and for others it was another to add to their collection.

For me it was a paradise. I watched so many smiles in one place, and at the same time. What a treat.

Humberto Caspa


Democratic stoops on election day

It has been said that desperate times call for desperate measures. Yet desperation does not excuse politicians whose underhanded attempts to smear their opponents poison our electoral process. Early on the morning of election day, Democrat Beth Krom's congressional campaign hung on the front door of my Lido Isle home, a four-color, two-sided, 8-by-10-inch flier that falsely but viciously attacks Congressman John Campbell for supposedly not supporting veterans. By distributing these on election day, Krom ensured that Campbell could not respond, but that didn't matter. Campbell still won in a landslide.

The problem is that Krom is still a sitting elected official as an Irvine councilwoman. The First Amendment protects her from liability for her disreputable and underhanded tactics. However, the public now knows what she has done, and if Krom ever tries to seek office again, this ugly incident will be remembered.

Paul Rolf Jensen

Costa Mesa

Many months ago, a Newport Beach resident "popped off" in the Daily Pilot that the Republicans would be licking their wounds after this election and the Democrats would still be in total control. Well, how do you like your crow? Rare, medium or well?

David Paul

Newport Beach

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