Mailbag: Triangle Square has a parking problem

My neighbors and I used to be fans of Triangle Square in its heyday ("William Lobdell: How about some Triangle offense?" Nov. 11). We could go grocery shopping, eat dinner, catch a movie and hit the bookstore afterward.

If we were really serious about making the most of the evening, we could eat some yogurt or sip a cocktail. What a concept!

Gradually every business went out of favor, as people were too frustrated by the parking. It is unfortunate that such a prime location was a bust. I don't think moving another high-end fitness place would draw a significant amount of traffic — people exercise and go home — maybe they grab a coffee or yogurt, as you said, but that's about it.

We could sure use the space for some positive activities for young people in the community. How about replacing the bowling alley and ice rink that were at Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue? How about using the space for a library, rather than building one on Fair Drive? The library could become a cybercafe and homework place for kids, along with other community-based activities.

As for parking, do what Bella Terra in Huntington Beach has done — have LED signs showing which level has parking space available. It's called creative use of space!

Janet Rolek

Costa Mesa

McEvoy asks to be drafted

Katrina Foley is leaving our City Council to join the Newport-Mesa school board. I don't expect a special election to happen and believe an appointment will happen. What bothers me is a person who back in February was publicly in favor of Foley's candidacy for her new seat is announced as a frontrunner, Planning Commissioner Steve Mensinger. With 20/20 vision, I believe that any of the mentioned planning commissioners could not have run for that council seat.

Even though this is a nonpartisan seat, it's not a good idea to have more Republicans running than seats available. If you can't run, get appointed. Learning from the past I wonder if and then what backroom plan will next be implemented.

Maybe I am sensitive to an appointment to a City Council seat. I just lost an election. Reading that I have no shot at this appointment doesn't help, either. I'm still applying.

Chris McEvoy

Costa Mesa

Story leads to pet adoption

I owe both of you so much! ("Irvine shelter helping secure 'forever homes,'" Oct. 16) Dearie the cat, who was a resident here for two and a half years, was adopted because of the article the Daily Pilot wrote for us. We have tried everything to get her adopted, and you were the ticket.

A gentleman called in when he saw her and read the article. Although we thought it would be a mad match because we thought Dearie would not like children, we were wrong! She now lives with a family that has twin 7-year-old boys, and the whole family is as happy as can be. Almost the whole shelter was in tears and we have been getting wonderful photos and reports from her new family.

We are having another certified pre-owned cat adoption event Wednesday through Sunday.

Christine Franco

Program Coordinator, Irvine Animal Care Center


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