Mailbag: How Lobdell stole the Christmas parade

I am sure that William Lobdell's Friday column ("Lobdell: Boat Parade is great — for everyone else") was written tongue-in-cheek? No reasonable individual, knowing that many children's delighted faces in amazement, seeing the houses/boats who come from families with serious economic problems, finding one happy evening together as a family, would certainly not poke fun at an evening of joy.

Yes, not only are you the ultimate Grinch, but as I read this column I kept thinking there has to be a punch line or joke somewhere. No one would actually write such a thing on the front page of the trusted Daily Pilot. If you are serious, which I certainly hope not, then you really should make an appointment to see a shrink. Please tell me this is all one big joke and you will choose the same forum to apologize to your local readers and supporters.

I also seriously question the efficacy and competence of Editor John Canalis to allow this column to go to print.

Bob Cassman

Newport Coast

I agree; it's a once-and-done type of thing, unless you got an invite to a house on the harbor with heat lamps and a well-stocked cooler.

Singley, via

Past problems serve as reminder for vigilance

William Lobdell's column "Wagner Can't Be Topped" (Dec. 13) was an interesting reminder of a truly bad time in the history of the Newport-Mesa Unified School and could be well be viewed as a call to action. Hubbard is innocent until proven guilty, and will no doubt be found innocent and quickly regain his reputation. However Lobdell's remembrance about the Wagner affair does bring up bad old memories and a reminder of the constant need for regular independent audits. Services to students have been cut, and may be cut further; class sizes are larger; teachers have been let go; and things may not get better in this district for quite a while, so checking ourselves regarding contracts, expensive programs and unnecessary administrative jobs, is a good idea. Do not confuse this letter as an attempt to cast suspicion on Supt. Jeffrey Hubbard. It has nothing to do with his situation, it has simply called attention to school finances, and a call for an outside independent audit at this time, has everything to do with the economy and focus on public education.

Sandy Asper

Newport Beach

You're not from around here, are you?

As the "hometown newspaper" it seems reasonable to expect that your writers would have, at least once, visited the cities they are covering. Please add to you budget for 2011 enough mileage reimbursement that they can go see for themselves that there is a difference between Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula. Dec. 17's article on the Ring of Lights winners ("Decor that dazzles") yet again lists addresses on Balboa Peninsula as being on Balboa Island. Earlier that week your article on Il Farro Restaurant listed its address as Balboa Island even though it is on the Balboa Peninsula.

You claim to be our local newspaper, so please hire some people who really are local, or at least teach them enough to fake it.

Roberta Jorgensen

Balboa Island

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