Mailbag: Hunt boats get a shout out in column

I just returned from Orange County where I was given a copy of Len Bose's column about the Newport Beach Christmas boat parade where two of our designs were mentioned ("The Harbor Report: Enjoy the Boat Parade," Dec. 17). It is nice that they are appreciated. To answer some of Bose's questions, Sea Chase was built in 1991 for a local couple to cruise the West Coast.

First, they did about all of the East and Gulf Coasts, sailing as far as Corpus Christi, Texas, where she was lifted out and trucked to San Diego. Powered by two Cat 3208s, she will do 25 knots and cruise at 22 nicely. It has a full deep-V hull of molded frp and so is extremely capable. In fact she shares her hull with the two 52-foot LA Pilot boats built somewhat later by Willard Marine in Anaheim. Those hulls were molded in Maine and shipped to Los Angeles for completion. Willard Marine (no relation to me) also builds a Hunt-designed 36-foot RIB for the Navy.

There are a few other custom or semi-custom Hunt boats out there you might come across, including a new Hunt 52 named School's Out. It was delivered this summer and a Hunt 36, a long, low, gray classic day cruiser that can do 40 knots with a lot of class!

Winn Willard, vice president

Hunt Design

New Bedford, Mass.


More rules need to be enforced at library

Give more power to the clerks and the librarians ("A fine line between library rules, rights," Dec. 25). I patronize the Mariners branch. Cell phone abuse is rampant, and parents let their kids run wild. Part of the problem is the children's portion. It should have a separate entrance. It's very loud at 10 a.m., with nannies and housekeepers bringing their charges to the library and not observing a quiet zone or a quiet voice.

C'mon, parents, wake up. We were all raised (I hope) to observe quiet zones. Now, about the homeless that reside in the libraries and sit on the computer all day, watching videos, enough is enough. The computers should be used for research and e-mails, resumes, working on the computer (not running a business). So videos should be abolished, and free these [computers] up for people who need them.

I'm in Thailand for the last few months. But I know the minute I enter, those familiar faces will be watching their videos again. And please don't get me started on the smell of these characters.

dantheman666666, via


Column writing has lacked wit

This is neither clever nor interesting (Lobdell: Newport-Mesa's edition of 'Jeopardy!'", Dec. 28). These columns have been far below the caliber of writing I expected from someone with Lobdell's experience.

jokerman949, via

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